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If there is one sport that sends pulses and heart beats racing to the maximum it is off road bike racing. There is a special dare devilry that is associated with these events. Off road bikers are a breed apart, a mix of daring and driving expertise is very much present in their DNA. Not all bikers can dare to venture off the road and meet unexpected challenges. While not belittling tarmac and GP events and long rallies that take place on both highways and off roads, it has to be admitted that pure off road bike races are as much a joy to the participants as it is to the spectators.

Our blog site mxipwa.com is dedicated exclusively to off road bike racing and it is our endeavour to cover every aspect of this subject. This includes details of bikes that are specially manufactured for these events and what are the highlights of the off road bike racing calendar. This will enable diehard fans of the sport to be in sync with happenings in this field.

While our team of die-hard off road bike racing enthusiasts at mxipwa.com try their best to keep a track of events and innovations taking place around the world, we do admit that it is not always possible. This is the reason why we invite write-ups on this subject from bloggers around the world. We want to keep abreast of the various developments and events and want to bring it quickly to our readers. News travels slowly through conventional channels but if bloggers write in directly on races held in far flung corners of the globe, our readers who are fans of this sport can be updated quickly.

Those wishing to submit blogs to our site have a wide range of topics to choose from. The technically minded can touch on the latest off road bikes that are being introduced to the world of racing. Their technical specifications would surely interest our readers. Plus writings on news about events and competitions especially the well known and famous ones and the results would also be welcome. Bikers themselves can contribute on the skills that should be developed to get into this sport.

These are just examples to get potential writers start off with contributions to our blog site.